This afternoon, all huddled around a heater in a loungeroom in Brunswick, Pop Up Playground officially voted itself into existence. We promptly had a quick existential crisis then created the full entity that shall be know henceforth as Pop Up Playground, Inc.

Once all the official stuff was out the way, we headed down the pub to celebrate.

Our Artistic Director, Robert Reid, had bought our official ties so we could wear them in the first official photo (and subsequently in every AGM from here on in, we learned only AFTER picking which we wanted to wear today)


We purchased a beverage with which to drink to the health of our newly created entity (legally, we made a person today!) – Not pictured, every technologically savvy member of the team taking a photo at the same time of the glasses.

2cheersAnd, for our final official act of the day, we conned a passing waitress into taking our first official photo.

We’re pretty sure this is the happiest Board photograph you’ll ever seen.
From right to left: Jess Kilby (Pervasive Play Developer), Marlena Martins (Developmental Play Officer), Anastasia Ryan (Administrator), Robert Reid (Artistic Director), Sayraphim Lothian (Constructive Communities Manager) and Ben McKenzie (Game Mechanic).