NowPlaylogoPop Up Playground and FreePlay are pleased to launch the NowPlay Mentorship program.

The NowPlay Mentorship intended to encourage and support the development of emerging designers working in fields of play (games or playful experience).

The NowPlay Mentorship offers a regular mentoring meetings and design feedback with some of the leading designers working in the emerging field of play.

Mentors include:
Harry Lee
Christy Dena
Paul Callaghan
Ben McKenzie
Robert Reid
Sayraphim Lothian
Mark Pritchard

One designer or design team will be chosen by the selection committee and will be announced at 2013 Freeplay conference.

The chosen designers will work to develop a new game or playful experience.

During the development meetings will be arranged with the Mentors to talk about the emerging field and also to discuss and receive design feedback on the game.

At the end of the development period the mentee’s game will be showcased at the Pop Up Playground Fresh Air Festival to be held at Federation Square in March 2014.

To apply send:
One 200 word statement explaining what interests you about Play.
One 200 word outline of the game or experience you intend to build
One page background information about you

Please submit application via email to by no later than the close of business on Friday August 16.