We’ve had some questions about Small Time Criminals that have popped up a few times, so we thought we’d compile an FAQ. Here’s what we have so far! If you have any more, let us know via email, or give us a shout out on social media: @popupplayers on Twitter, or Pop Up Playground on Facebook.

The crowdfunding campaign runs on Pozible until March 17, 2016. You can pledge to support the project at pozi.be/smalltimecriminals.

Questions about the game

How long will Small Time Criminals run?
While we’re called Pop Up Playground, and many of our games run as one-off events or short seasons, Small Time Criminals is a permanent installation in our new building and will run for at least a year.

How long does it take to play Small Time Criminals?
We estimate a play session should take about an hour, plus some time for induction and explanation of how the game works. (Note that this is only an estimate; the length of the experience will be one of the main things we fine-tune during playtesting, but it should end up around an hour.)

Is Small Time Criminals an escape room?
While it has some things in common with escape rooms, Small Time Criminals is different experience. Instead of solving a series of linked puzzles, all of which must be completed to successfully escape, you steal valuables from the bank, with a lot of leeway to decide what you do and in what order. There will be more valuables in the bank than you can steal in one play-through – so you can play again and try a different strategy! The valuables you steal, and the problems you fail to avoid, will decide your final score.

What kind of bank robbery is it? Will there be shoot-outs and hostages?
The bank robbery version of Small Time Criminals is a heist: you’ll be entering the bank after hours to get around security systems and avoid a security guard, stealing valuables without leaving evidence behind that could identify you. While we are partnering with TechAssault to build technology for Small Time Criminals, we currently have no plans to include weapons of any kind.

Is there an age limit for players?
We’re designing Small Time Criminals with roughly an M-rating in mind, mostly what would be considered “adult concepts”. While there’s no hard limit, mature teenagers will probably be okay, but we’re happy to discuss the content with parents who want to bring children. Note that players under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Are there different levels of difficulty?
Yes! We’ll be able to adjust the game for less experienced teams through various means to make things a bit easier for them. (We can’t say how, it’d be a spoiler.)

Questions about the Pozible croudfunding campaign

If I get tickets through the Pozible campaign, when can I play the game?
You can play any time in the first twelve months of Small Time Criminals, subject to availability (so if you want a specific date or time, tell us in advance). As an “early (jail) bird” you’ll be given an opportunity to book in a time before general tickets go on sale, though you can choose to book later if you want. Note that single tickets will be a bit more restricted than team bookings as they’ll need to be coordinated with other players; we’ll be in touch with you to explain how that process will work.

Can I pledge for a reward and give it to someone as a gift?
Absolutely! Just get in touch with us and let us know who you want to give it to. We can even let them know anonymously for you if you like.

Can I get multiple tickets for Small Time Criminals with one pledge?
You can! If you’re selecting one of our single ticket rewards (like Safe Cracker or Jail Breaker), you will be able to select a quantity of one or two tickets. These are for sessions you will share with other players. If you want to get more than two tickets for people who all want to play together, you will need to select one of the team ticket rewards (like Smuggling Ring or International Cartel). That lets you play in a session all to yourselves for up to six players.

If I don’t pledge now, will I be able to get any of the rewards after the campaign is over?
The rewards marked as exclusive will not be available outside of the campaign. That includes the early bird discount on single and group ticket prices, campaign-exclusive stickers, access to the update videos, getting your name on the wall, becoming part of the storyline, and the add-on experiences for the heist game – the Skeleton Key and the Deal. It’s possible we may offer some version of the Heist Movie or Art Syndicate corporate package at a later time, but they may take a different form, and probably be more expensive.

When will my Pozible pledge be processed?
Pozible starts collecting pledges as soon as a campaign hits its goal amount. Since we hit the goal on the first day (thanks to your generosity!), all new pledges are collected immediately.