We have a new comedy version of this game running at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Where in Melbourne is Carmen (or Diego)?

Thanks for your interest in playing Where in Melbourne are Carmen and Diego? Player registrations are now closed. You can read a description of the game below. If you’re interested in playing our other games, sign up to our main mailing list via our contact page.

Where in Melbourne are Carmen and Diego?Where in Melbourne are Carmen and Diego?

A New Street Adventure by Pop Up Playground for Melbourne International Games Week.

Puzzles to solve, people to meet

Find the hipsters in the world’s most liveable city

Carmen and Diego are hipster scientists who have planned the most Melbourne weekend ever.  They’ll drink single origin coffee, critique street-art down the alleys and wear too much black for this time of year.  But you’ve heard that Carmen and Diego have stolen secret information that they’re smuggling out of the CSIRO and are trying to keep on the move to evade the authorities.

A satirical scavenger hunt.

A light hearted poke at Melbourne’s foibles and quirks.

A deeper, darker game underneath for those who go looking for it.

A great fun way to get to know the city for the first time, or rediscover it.

Work together over the weekend to find the clues, interrogate the agents and solve the puzzles to find Carmen and Diego.

This project has been supported by Creative Victoria, VicHealth and Melbourne International Games Week.

Free to Play

Live from 10 am to 6 pm on the streets of the Melbourne CBD Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of October.