Sarah Walker (Photographer-in-residence) is a Melbourne-based theatre photographer and videographer, specialising in the independent theatre scene. She’s worked at festivals across the country, travelled to monsoon-lashed Manila to shoot a play in a swimming pool, covered actors in all manner of ridiculous substances (water, milk, fake blood, gold leaf, poster paint, icing sugar, bondage gear and chickens, to name but a few) and walked into a lot of walls because she was too busy looking through the viewfinder to notice that the rest of the world existed. She is also photographer in residence for MKA, Polyglot, AtticErratic, Barking Spider Visual Theatre and Quiet Little Fox, and has recently worked with fancy people at Next Wave Festival, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne Theatre Company and Chunky Move.

Around half the photos on the game pages are Sarah’s. All her photos are credited, go check them out!


Emilie Collyer (Writer in Residence) Emilie’s fiction and poetry has appeared publications such as: Kill Your Darlings, Cordite, Page Seventeen, Torpedo, The Australian Book Review and The Big Issue. In 2012 she won two prizes for her crime story A Clean Job in the Scarlet Stiletto Awards. She published a book of illustrated poetry Your Looking Eyes in 2011. Her plays have been widely produced, including award winning scripts Argonauta and Promise. Dream Home was shortlisted for the Edward Albee Scholarship (2012) and Patrick White Award (2013).

Emilie has a Masters in Writing for Performance from VCA (University of Melbourne) and an Associate Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT. She is a founding member and regular writer with live arts company Punctum in Central Victoria. Emilie likes exploring new ways of making work, collaborating and finding creativity in unexpected places. She lives in Melbourne and blogs at

You can see Emilie’s written responses to some of the games and festivals here: