Fresh-air-2014-a6_webFresh Air is an international games festival of games and play presented by Pop Up Playground which will run at Federation Square on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of March, 2014. #freshair14
All games start at the Registration Tent, The Amphitheater at Fed Square
All games are free however booking is encouraged for Spirits Walk and Space Trek the New Generation: S8 E01 – Time Travel Hijinks

Featured Games:

Spirits-Walk-webSpirits Walk
By Serious Business (UK)

A Lost Waif, a Wandering Entertainer, a King by the River… the spirits of Melbourne must find the forgotten and impossible Gods who walk the streets as the sun is setting.

In their game, Spirits Walk, players enter the spirit world and make new spirits of their own through a series of rituals and a masked procession after sunset.

7:00 PM
Fri /Sat / Sun

Space-trek-logo_webSpace Trek the New Generation: S8 E01 – Time Travel Hijinks
By Atmosphere Industries (WA/CAN)
Seek out strangely familiar life and go where nobody really ought to go in this game that’s half improv, half scavenger hunt and half choose-your-own-adventure. Don the uniform, pick up your iTricorder and become your favourite character, and join the rest of the crew on a mission to the year 2014.

7:00 PM

Weeping Angels
Vienna Street Games Conspiracy (DK)
6:00 PM

Eyes Wide Sideways
By Ship B (Tas)
1:00 – 4:00

Little Monsters Day Out
By Pop Up Playground and Serious Business
All Day

As It’sTold
By Roslyn Quin
Intermittently – Sat/Sun

Truth Or Dare Melbourne
By Truth or Dare (NSW)
All Day – Sat/Sun/Mon

Seance for Lost Stuff
By Christy Dena
6:00 PM

Day Time Games
11:00 AM till Late In The Oval (main square terrace outside the 7-11)
Games include:
Ben’s Big Board Game
Alien Zoo Break!
Feed Your Family
Rainbow Running
Kittens for Stan
Daylight Vampiry
Bury Your Treasure
Mont Trottoir
Massively Multi-Player Thumb Wrestling

Constructive PLAY
11:00 AM till 4:00PM In the Registration Tent
Games include:
15 Minutes of Frame by Jack Beeby
Shoe Box Apartments
Lost Gods Bunting
“Myth-night” in the City

Playful Public Art Program
Curated by Sayraphim Lothian
Anywhere in the city,  all through the weekend

Artists include:

Kim Tairi
Junky Projects
Erin Greer

More details here:

Fresh Air Festival is presented by Pop Up Playground and Federation Square.