School Holiday Workshops!!

holiday-games-1This school holidays, Pop Up Playground brings play to Brunswick, with a collection of their games tailored for kids and parents alike! Escape from zombies, chase the colours of the rainbow, make excuses to your Grandma and take little monsters on a big adventures! And try our constructive play area, where kids and parents can make fantastic creatures for the cabinet of Doctor Madaspantz…

Dates: 4th and the 11th of July
Times: 10am-12pm (8 – 11 year olds) and 2pm-4pm (12 – 16 year olds).
Cost: $15 per child (parents attend for free!)
Venue: Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre, 270 Sydney Rd Brunswick
Morning Session:
Afternoon Session:

Presented by Pop Up Playground and Metanoia Theatre.




#TrueRomansAllPop Up Playground and Bell Shakespeare’s Mind’s Eye announce the creative development of #TrueRomansAll

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Bell Shakespeare, developing #TrueRomansAll, an immersive theatre performance inspired by William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar which will be played in the streets, down the alleys and throughout the buildings of Melbourne.

#TrueRomansAll divides the players into two factions. Being in the Loyalist faction means protecting Caesar and hunting down the would-be assassins, but for Conspirator players it means killing Caesar and securing power for themselves. Loyalists are lead by Marc Anthony and Conspirators by Cassius and Brutus.

Each player is equipped with their wits and their phone; as well as giving them their secret identity, this will give them hints, tips and tricks to make their way to the various sites, screens and secrets. The players start together at a pre-appointed location, and they must locate the motorcade, piecing together clues and information as they go. If the assassination is successful, then it’s a race to join Cassius and Brutus as they take power – The Coup. If unsuccessful, then it’s a race as Conspirators try to flee from the Loyalists and Marc Antony – The Pogrom.

We are currently in development of #TrueRomansAll and will present three test performances in mid-October.Interested in knowing more or playing the game? Sign up to the #TrueRomansAll mailing list to receive information, game tips and the pre-game play by clicking here:

#TrueRomansAll on AMPAG

Friends, Romans, it’s time to play

​Bell Shakespeare’s Mind’s Eye and Pop Up Playground are collaborating in the creation of a new immersive theatre performance, #TrueRomansAll, from this month, with three test performances scheduled for mid-October.

Mind’s Eye is Bell Shakespeare’s creative development arm, which seeks out artists and companies in the small to medium sector to collaboratively develop work that takes its inspiration from Shakespeare and the classics.

The project will come with a downloaded game app, inspired by Shakespeare’sJulius Caesar.

#TrueRomansAll will be directed by Robert Reid, a freelance playwright, game designer and academic, as well as being Pop Up Playground’s artistic director.

Pop Up Playground is a company that makes ‘immersive reactive situation’—that is, it plays games and tells stories with goals such as to stimulate engagement, build relationships and solve problems.


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Paper Orchestra with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra


One night Toscanini dreamed he was conducting an impossible Orchestra, filled with instruments that had never been invented, making sounds that could never be heard. Participants make any instrument they can imagine and then play it as part of Toscanini’s dream orchestra. Lead by internationally recognised craftivist, Sayraphim Lothian and eminent Australian conductor, Richard Gill, Paper Orchestra is a playful crafting event in which participants make their own paper instruments and then play them alongside the musicians of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Bookings open 28th April

Space Trek: The New Generation S8E01 – Time Travel Hijinx

Space-trek-logo_webAs part of Fresh Air festival 2014 #freshair14, Pop Up Playground and Federation Square are proud to present: Space Trek: The New Generation S8E01 – Time Travel Hijinx

Seek out strangely familiar life and go where nobody really ought to go in this game that’s half improv, half scavenger hunt and half choose-your-own-adventure. Don the uniform, pick up your iTricorder and become your favourite character, and join the rest of the crew on a mission to the year 2014.

7pm start, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March