Sunday the 20th was our last playtest for Fresh Air 2013 games. As a good warm up, we started off with a game of Turtle Wushu from Invisible Playground, but in our case it was Dinosaur Wushu owing to the fact we only have toy dinosaurs. We discovered that toy dinosaurs are way more unstable than toy turtles, at least that’s what we claim.

Next up was our brand new game Tourist Attractors, in which several tour guides take players around Fed Square and make up increasingly bizarre stories to attempt to capture and hold the tourist’s interest.

All through out the day Melbourne company No Show was trialing Outside Line, a tense single person experience which is like nothing else we have at Fresh Air.

Next we playtested The Host, where our players are trapped on a colony on Mars which has been infiltrated by one or more alien. Can they find enough evidence to figure out who it is?

And to round out the day we had another playtest of our slightly-reworked Bury Yer Treasure, where pirates pillage from each other and battle it out on the high seas for loot n’ sailors.

Remember, Fresh Air is on the 8, 9 and 10 of Feb at Federation Square in Melbourne. The whole event is free, so come down and play all of these games and more!