Today was our last playtest in this series and we had a blast! Before we even got onto testing the game we had prepared, we started by spontaneously inventing Bell Run using our pool noodles (nothing funner than a pool noodle!). We went on to modify Grandma’s Footsteps into Grandma’s Balls, then tried out a new game, The Heist… Lasers! in which players attempted to negotiate red wool lasers to steal the precious emerald and ruby smiley balls. After that, we had a snack break (it’s like recess only with more chocolate chip biscuits) then we tried out another new game for This Is A Door, called Haunted Hungry Yellow Circle. With it’s maze and ghosts and dots, it reminds us quite a lot of a computer game but we can’t quite work out which one. After that we tried out Gestaltstory, which made at least two of the player laugh until they actually cried and finished it up with another round of Impossible Book Club in which we discussed The Spindle That Never Pricked. Despite protests to the contrary, we’re still not going to be reading Mahatma Gandhi: Witch Hunter. Stay tuned for our next book!