Ooo! So this is SUPER exciting! We’re opening two new experiences in the hippest place around, Preston Fresh Hood Market! We’re taking over the lease mid Sept and we’ll open the first at the end of September and the second a little after that.

The first to open is

Room Service
Outside the roller door, it is now. You’ve been hired to work room service at a hotel in the country.

But once you step through the doors, you go back in time to 1976, when the hotel was a secret meeting and dining place for a society of cannibals. And you’re not working there as staff, you’re the main course.

It’s Halloween and you have thirty minutes before the end of your shift. The guests are all in costume, restless and hungry. If you can just keep them and the staff all away from the kitchen, where you are, you might just survive to the end of your shift.

Points and a voluntary leader-board for how long you survive and how many puzzles you solve while you’re in there.

Room Service is a live puzzle solving immersive horror experience.

Next to open will be

The Tenant
One week ago, after months of quietly paying her rent on time – in cash – the woman in Room 33 vanished. Half an hour ago, her landlord got a call that a van is coming to pick up her things. Something weird is going on – and you have just half an hour to figure out what…

The Tenant is an immersive supernatural mystery experience

Bookings will be available soon and we’ll let you know the minute they’re open!