Last year, Robert and Sayraphim went over to the UK to make a documentary investigating companies over there who make games and playful situations.

We’re launching this documentary, New Games – Play in the UK, on the Big Screen at Federation Square, on the 29th of January at 7pm. It runs approx. 40 mins.

New Games features interviews with Holly Gramazio from Hide and Seek, Gwyn Morfey from Fire Hazard, Vee Uye and Andrew Crofts from Larkin’ About, Kars Alfrink and Tim Bosje from Hubbub, Grant Howett from Zombie LARP, James Wheale from Slingshot, Rosie Fairchild from Splash and Ripple, Tom Bowtell and Annette Mees from Coney, Matt Johnson from Haberdashery Collective, Matthew Robbins and Viviane Schwarz.

It’s a free event, so come down to Fed Square and grab a front row deck chair for the screening!