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Photos from Pub Werewolf

On a cold and rainy, perfectly atmospheric night in St Kilda, two separate villages gathered to discuss and solve the problem of a spate of werewolf attacks inbetween some good food and discounted ales.

Thanks to Euchronic Games for running such a fun night!

This weekend for This is a Door – I See Magical Creatures and Guerrilla Poets Opening Doors

This weekend sees two playful public art events going on for This is a Door…


Nov 17

The Nylon Zoo
Join us on our picnic blanket, and create your own magical creature. Illustrate, splash colour, add eyes, moustaches, favourite food items or whatever delight’s your heart’s desire to bring to life your very own whimsical character of glittery wonder.

Join our collective and decorate the wondrous St Kilda landscape with your Magical Creature and leave their continuing story up to the Unicorn Gods?

Everyone is welcome!

Location: O’Donnell Gardens, St Kilda
From 11am
Tickets: Free to participate



Nov 17

Preprint and Haikubomber
Haikubomber and Preprint join forces in a guerrilla act of kindness delivering take home street poetry left in city openings and public spaces.

This guerrilla poetry event will take place around the Melbourne city to St Kilda area, as part of This is a Door festival 2013.

Location: Throughout Melbourne CBD and St Kilda
Free to discover

Photos from last night’s The Curse at Luna Park

We had a ball launching this year’s This Is A Door at Luna Park in St Kilda last night! There’s a bunch of playful things happening over the month, you can check out all the details here. But in the mean time, have a look through the photos from last night’s game, The Curse. It was so much fun to play around the tents and rides of Luna Park!

Next for #tiad13 – Pub Werewolf!

e_werewolfPUB WEREWOLF
Nov 12

Euchronic Games

Werewolf (a.k.a. Mafia or Assassin) is the classic folk game of deception, deduction, and detection – simple, but deep, and extremely entertaining. Can you spot the hidden Werewolves who are working against everyone else, and eliminate them before they eliminate you?

Beginners welcome!

Location: The Bocce Room of the Local Taphouse, 184 Carlisle St, St Kilda
6.30pm til late
Tickets: Entry free – optional donation to charity and discounted tap beer

This Is A Door ’13 part 1

a_tiadFirst two This Is A Door cabs off the ranks both are running next Thursday (the 31st of Oct) as part of Luna Park’s Halloween festival, LUNA DARK, a haunted all-ages playground for Halloween.


b_thecurseTHE CURSE

Oct 31

Pop Up Playground

Cheat fate, outwit scary clowns, or be forever… Cursed!

A puzzle/chase game by Pop Up Playground.

30 minutes to play, sessions every ten minutes.

Check out The Curse trailer here.

Location: Luna Park, St Kilda
7pm – 11pm
Tickets: $20

Tickets available on the night from the Luna Park box office



Oct 31 – Dec 1

Urban Codemakers

We want you!
Three guilds from Ludea have come to colonise and transform St Kilda, formerly Fareham, originally Euroe-Yroke. You must join a guild and decide. Will you revert, renew or remake the streets?

The search begins on Halloween.

Location (event 1): Luna Park, St Kilda
7pm – 11pm
Game: City of St Kilda, Nov 1st – 30th
Location (event 2, 1 Dec): Theatreworks St Kilda

Tickets: Free to Play



a_tiadOk, apologies for the caps in the title of this post, but we’re all so gosh darned excited that if it didn’t wobble the whole office, we’d be jumping up and down. (Note to self, upgrade to a better office.)

But, BUT, the program for This Is A Door has just been announced! We have a month long festival of games, play and participatory performance presented by Melbourne’s new games designers and playful companies.

All kinds of fun that combines play with other art forms: you’ll have secrets to keep, stories to discover, cities to save, monsters to escape from, parties to throw and a wild time to be had by all.

When was the last time you got to be a kid again?

Check out all the full details here.


September Playtest

Today was our last playtest in this series and we had a blast! Before we even got onto testing the game we had prepared, we started by spontaneously inventing Bell Run using our pool noodles (nothing funner than a pool noodle!). We went on to modify Grandma’s Footsteps into Grandma’s Balls, then tried out a new game, The Heist… Lasers! in which players attempted to negotiate red wool lasers to steal the precious emerald and ruby smiley balls. After that, we had a snack break (it’s like recess only with more chocolate chip biscuits) then we tried out another new game for This Is A Door, called Haunted Hungry Yellow Circle. With it’s maze and ghosts and dots, it reminds us quite a lot of a computer game but we can’t quite work out which one. After that we tried out Gestaltstory, which made at least two of the player laugh until they actually cried and finished it up with another round of Impossible Book Club in which we discussed The Spindle That Never Pricked. Despite protests to the contrary, we’re still not going to be reading Mahatma Gandhi: Witch Hunter. Stay tuned for our next book!

This Is A Door on Daily Melbourne

Pop Up Playground: This Is A Door

Pop Up Playground - This Is A Door

Words by Myron My.

Pop Up Playground had its first public gig in September 2011. Since then, the company has continued to grow with the new and creative games they have been making and bringing out the inner child in people and they are back this month with their event This Is A Door.

This Is A Door is where we play a variety of 2 minute to 20 minute games for two hours. It is a festival of new games that we have created,” Artistic Director Robert Reid tells me. “The whole festival this year has been about trying to get other companies exposure so people know that this sort of stuff is happening.”

This Is A Door opened up with The Curse and was performed at Luna Park on Halloween night. Players scoured the park to find three fortune tellers to help break the curse put upon them whilst being cautious of three clowns lurking nearby. It was the first event I had participated in and I loved the excitement of being a child again and running around in a panic as the time counted down to when I would be cursed forever.

“I like that when we do games like The Curse, we create an environment where there is a story told but you determine the type of story you experience. The decisions that people make in the moment tell these great stories and you get people sacrificing themselves for each other or stabbing each other in the back.” Robert says.

If a day of games doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are lots of other things planned by the team at Pop Up Playground. “We’ve got a couple of playful street art projects going on with Guerrilla Poets Opening Doors and I See Magical Creatures where we take old children’s toys, bundle them up and then paint them with bright colours and glitter and then hide them throughout the city. There is also MechCombat, which is an experimental live gaming experience involving robots.” Robert tells me.

It’s no secret that the older we get, the more we forget about this sense of play and fun. We get concerned with “adult” life and problems that simply enjoying things can be difficult. “Play is good for us and it is useful to us. There are social benefits and learning how to be a person”, Robert explains. “There is a physical aspect to games but they also keep your brain active and force you to be innovative and think strategically.”

This immersive theatre/play experience is rapidly growing in Melbourne. More and more people don’t want to just “sit and watch” anymore so if you haven’t experiences this yet, then make sure to check out This Is A Door during the month of November.

Original review here:

Coming up – Loads of games and a festival too!

Ooo!!! So all the cats are out of the bags and we can now share with you what we have coming up from now til the end of the year!

PLAYTESTS (Sept)  We got some Playtests coming up for games for This Is A Door, come along to Richmond and help us try out some brand spankin’ new fun games. More details here.

WIKISNEAKS (Sept)Wikisneaks is a new game being presented for one night only as part of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in Sept. Check out all the info here.

GENERATIONS (Oct) Generations looks at the decisions you make today and how they can affect your family for generations to come, presented at the Owl and Pussycat in Richmond over three nights. Information and booking deets can be found here.

THIS IS A DOOR (Nov) Our annual indoor festival of games and play, This is a Door, is back in November! We have loads of games and playful events happening, info on the playday weekend can be found here and we’ll release more details soon.