a_tiadA month long festival of games, play and participatory performance presented by Melbourne’s New Games designers and playful companies.

All kinds of fun that combines play with other art forms: you’ll have secrets to keep, stories to discover, cities to save, monsters to escape from, parties to throw and a wild time to be had by all.

When was the last time you got to be a kid again?

Launch at Luna Park, Oct 31st, 7:00pm

October 31st – December 1st
Everybody already knows how to play.



Oct 31

Pop Up Playground

Cheat fate, outwit scary clowns, or be forever… Cursed!

A puzzle/chase game by Pop Up Playground.

30 minutes to play, sessions every ten minutes.

Check out The Curse trailer here.

Location: Luna Park, St Kilda
7pm – 11pm
Tickets: $20

Tickets available on the night from the Luna Park box office



Oct 31 – Dec 1

Urban Codemakers

We want you!
Three guilds from Ludea have come to colonise and transform St Kilda, formerly Fareham, originally Euroe-Yroke. You must join a guild and decide. Will you revert, renew or remake the streets?

The search begins on Halloween.

Location (event 1): Luna Park, St Kilda
7pm – 11pm
Game: City of St Kilda, Nov 1st – 30th
Location (event 2, 1 Dec): Theatreworks St Kilda

Tickets: Free to Play

Website: ksaint.net

e_werewolfPUB WEREWOLF
Nov 12

Euchronic Games

Werewolf (a.k.a. Mafia or Assassin) is the classic folk game of deception, deduction, and detection – simple, but deep, and extremely entertaining. Can you spot the hidden Werewolves who are working against everyone else, and eliminate them before they eliminate you?

Beginners welcome!

Location: The Bocce Room of the Local Taphouse, 184 Carlisle St, St Kilda
6.30pm til late
Tickets: Entry free – optional donation to charity and discounted tap beer



Nov 17

The Nylon Zoo
Join us on our picnic blanket, and create your own magical creature. Illustrate, splash colour, add eyes, moustaches, favourite food items or whatever delight’s your heart’s desire to bring to life your very own whimsical character of glittery wonder.

Join our collective and decorate the wondrous St Kilda landscape with your Magical Creature and leave their continuing story up to the Unicorn Gods?

Everyone is welcome!

Location: O’Donnell Gardens, St Kilda
From 11am
Tickets: Free to participate

Website: iseemagicalcreatures.blogspot.com.au/


Nov 17

Preprint and Haikubomber
Haikubomber and Preprint join forces in a guerrilla act of kindness delivering take home street poetry left in city openings and public spaces.

This guerrilla poetry event will take place around the Melbourne city to St Kilda area, as part of This is a Door festival 2013.

Location: Throughout Melbourne CBD and St Kilda
Free to discover



28th Nov

Are you on twitter? Next Thursday the 28th of Nov at 9pm Grant Howett from Serious Business will be running a TWITTER DUNGEONCRAWL as part of This is a Door. Play with (or against) people around the world as you battle monsters and attempt to steal treasure. Make ready your battle axe! Follow @gshowitt to play.


29th, 30th Nov and 1st Dec

Have you ever wanted to pilot a mighty Robotic War Machine? Hunting down your foes in your very own teched out Mech warrior? Well you cant. But for three days at the end of November you can come very close. These Mechs cannot be piloted alone however, you will need a copilot and together you will take the fight to the streets of St Kilda completing objectives and destroying other Mechs as you go.

Location: Theatre Works and surrounds, 14 Acland Street St Kilda
Time (Fri): 7:30pm
Time (Sat & Sun):
1pm, 4pm, 7:30pm
Tickets: $30
Tickets can be pre-purchased on the Theatre Works website or at the door.


29th, 30th Nov and 1st Dec

Pop Up Playground
Pop Up Playground presents a whole weekend of new games and playful experiences at the This is a Door All Day Play Room at Theatre Works.

New games by Local and International designers. Strategic games, physical games, social games and constructive play.

Something fun for everyone.

A great way to start summer.

Games include:
Pop Up Spy Academy (Universe Creation 101)
Belgian Roulette
Ludonarrative Disco Dance (Serious Business)
Invisible Labyrinth
Rainbow Running
Old Remasters
Postcards from Never
Impossible Bookclub
Love from Grandma
Chase the Light
Pudding Lane
Feed Your Family
Zombie Tag
…and many many more

Location: Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street St Kilda
Time (Fri):
4pm (preview) 7:30pm
Time (Sat & Sun):
1pm, 4pm, 7:30pm
Tickets: $25/20

Tickets can be pre-purchased on the Theatre Works website or at the door.


29th, 30th Nov and 1st Dec

Lego. Poetry. Together.
Lego Poetry was developed by Daniel Donahoo at Project Synthesis to respond playfully to primary students literacy needs. It is about building small, playful literary moments like we have always done in private diaries, on toilet doors and to unsuspecting audiences. Take a photo, post of Facebook|Twitter|Instagram with the tag #legopoetry and follow @LEGOPoetry.

Location: Theatre Works foyer, 14 Acland Street St Kilda
Time: 1pm, 4pm, 6:30pm
Tickets: Free to create