While Pop Up Playground is no longer in business, the team continue to work in the arts in a variety of capacities.

Ben McKenzie is a freelance performer, writer and game designer. He co-created the radio time travel comedy Night Terrace, wrote Tin Man Games’ VR game Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, hosts the podcast Pratchat and teaches creative writing. He’s available for work in game design, writing, and voice performance. Find him via benmckenzie.com.au, or email him at ben@benmckenzie.com.au. He’s on Twitter as @McKenzie_Ben, and Instagram as @notongotham.

Sayraphim Lothian is a public artist and author of the book Guerrilla Kindness & Other Acts of Creative Resistance from Mango Publishing. They also produce the YouTube video series Monster Thinks. You can find out more about Sayraphim’s work via sayraphimlothian.com, buy some of their art at RedBubble, or find them on Twitter and Instagram as @sayraphim. You can also order their book through your local bookshop or online via Amazon.

Dr Robert Reid is a director, playwright and theatre historian. He was co-editor and co-founder of Witness, a forum for independent critique and debate about the Australian performing arts, and also ran Witness’ educational resources. Witness closed in June 2021 after four years, but you can still access its reviews and articles at witnessperformance.com. You can find Rob on Twitter at @burstsgnlsymfny.

Dr Jess Kilby is a writer, photographer and mixed media artist. Her work focuses on the beauty and the mystery of the everyday, and the intersections between playfulness, mindfulness and creativity. You can find out more about Jess’s work at jesskilby.com, and you can find her on Instagram and Twitter as @ninjypsy.

This information was last updated in August 2022.

Game Mechanic Ben McKenzie and game runner Adelle Lin at Fresh Air, 2013.
Photo by Sarah Walker