These the larger scale games designed, produced and run by Pop Up Playground over the years. Click the title of a game find out more.

Promo photo of Petra Elliott for W

Where in Melbourne is Carmen (or Diego)? (2017)
Renowned international thieves and masters of disguise, Carmen and Diego Winnebago, have come to Melbourne to steal the best jokes at the Comedy Festival! Track them down before they perform them and ruin a comedian’s career!

Promotional image of characters from Outside: The Cloud

Outside: The Cloud (2017)
The conspiracy of The Cloud deepened in this sequel to Run The Cloud. Player decisions shaped the story each week as they carried out missions and voted on who to trust and support in a struggle for the future of intelligent life. Played in two month-long acts online and on the streets of Melbourne.

Small Time Criminals (2016-2017)
Ever wanted to rob a bank? Your team has been contacted to burgle a bank after hours. But it’s not just any bank: Eureka Futures is the weirdest, most evil investment bank in the Southern hemisphere. And it’s not just any burglary: you’ll need all your wits to find and steal the most valuable items stored in the bank, all in just one hour and while avoiding the eye of the security guard on duty…
This smash hit live bank heist game was played by more than 2,300 people during its ten month run.

Run The Cloud (2016)
Set in “a minutes from now” future, Run The Cloud was a mystery to solve, hidden all across the city. “The Cloud” claim to be nothing more than a community of people who play a game to stay fit and ready for anything. But it leads to a conversation about what it means to be human…

Your Turn (2015)
A live monthly game show, hosted at the Bella Union at Trades Hall in Carlton, where the audience faced off against our two teams of guest actors and comedians.

1000 Cities (2015)
A two-wheeled adventure game that turned the city around you into a mythic adventure. Fight monsters, collect treasure and explore the hidden parts of the city.

Now Life In This House (2014)
A durational role-playing game based on Anton Chekov’s famous play, The Cherry Orchard.

#TrueRomansAll (2014)
Experienced on the streets of Melbourne, #TrueRomansAll put players into the midst of the political intrigue and violent revolution of Caesar’s Rome. A co-production with Bell Shakespeare’s Minds Eye.

Paper Orchestra (2014)
One night Toscanini dreamed he was conducting an impossible Orchestra, filled with instruments that had never been invented, making sounds that could never be heard.Participants make any instrument they can imagine and then play it as part of Toscanini’s dream orchestra with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

The Ride (2014)
On ancient battlefields tribes of warring Vikings clash and the sound of sword and axe on armour and flesh fills the frozen air. As the bravest and most valiant warriors fall on the field from the sky ride the spirits of glory, The Valkyries, come to carry the the heroic dead away to the halls of Valhalla.

Generations (2013)
If you start out with nothing can you build an empire? Will your children carry on your legacy or will they start again? What kind of world will you leave for them, and their children after them? The decisions you make today can affect your family for generations to come.

Wikisneaks (2013)
We love information. We love to set it free! Often that’s as easy as copy and paste, but sometimes – for the important stuff – it requires subterfuge. A little cloak and dagger. A bit of… sneaking.

The League of Extraordinary Nations (2013)
Nuked up tin-pot dictators, egomaniacal madmen and intergalactic super villains are just in a day’s work for The League of Extraordinary Nations. Protecting the Earth from evil through reasoned debate, careful planning, bureaucracy and consensus since 1976.

Focal Point (2013)
A story telling game for all ages in which players help trapped echoes of the library deliver lost messages between each other across the decades.

The Whispering Society (2013)
In the alleys and the echoing dark, in the halls and forgotten corridors, in the haunted places of the city you will find the Whispering Society. Searchers into the paranormal, the Whispering Society listens for the memories of places, gathering to hear the stories of the long forgotten. But lately the spirits have grown agitated, their whispering more urgent, more insistent and much louder…

The Curse (2012)
In the shadows, behind the tents, a fortune telling machine beckons. “Cross my palm with silver” reads a cracked and painted banner. But these things are never straightforward. Will it simply tell your future? Or will there be some kind of trouble? There’s always a price and the clowns are watching from the shadows…

Spy Catcher (2012)
We’re all spies here – but double agents are murdering our top assets. Your mentor stands accused. Are they guilty? Can you find out before it’s too late?

Mass Werewolf for MICF (2012)
Someone’s secretly a killer: a werewolf, a hitman, a jealous comedian… It might be you. Will you kill everyone? Or will they get you first? At Pop Up Playground, your favourite comedians learn and play games (including the classic Werewolf) on stage and with you!