Small Time Criminals was an immersive, live-action adventure in which players got their own back on the 1% by staging a heist in a crooked investment bank!

Located in a real two-storey ex-bank in Preston, it opened to the public in April 2016 following a successful Pozible crowdfunding campaign.

Teams of players were hired for burglary by a mysterious contact, and tasked with retrieving a specific locked box from “Eureka Futures”, a corrupt investment bank. Once the box was secured, the team had the rest of an hour to find and steal the most valuable items they could find to make it look like a professional job – and they’d get paid whatever they took was worth. But even though the bank was closed, they still had to avoid the security guard, watch out for alarms, and figure out how to get into the main vault…

Played by more than 2,300 players between April 2016 and February 2017.

This video trailer includes testimonials from some of our first players:

In 2019, Ben gave this behind-the-scenes talk about designing and making Small Time Criminals for Nerd Nite Melbourne:

Special thanks to Darebin City Council and the Active Spaces In Darebin program.