This is a Door is an international games festival of indoor pervasive and social games presented by Pop Up Playground. In 2012 it ran on the 27, 28 and 29 of July.

For three evenings in July, Pop Up Playground presented a range of new games and playful activities developed by Pop Up Playground as well as games and situations from local and international games designers and playful companies including Fire Hazard Games (UK), Coney (UK), Obscure Games (US), Copenhagen Games Collective (DK) and Shades of Play (Aus).

This is a Door caters for all ages and experience levels.

This is a Door
Devised by Ben McKenzie, Sayraphim Lothian and Robert Reid

Game Runners – Robert Reid, Sayraphim Lothian, Harry Lee, Mark Pritchard, James Tresise, Jess Kilby, Kevin Turner and Dave Lamb

Games playtesters – Madelaine Anderson, Kate Brennan, Andrew Brophy, Paul Callaghan, Emillie Colyer, Sharna Cousland, Dan Donahoo, Sam Dowdeswell, David Finnigan, Peter Gianopolous, Tegan Harrod, Trista Harvey, Soncha Iacono, Jess Kilby, Nigel Langley, Amanda Law, Dave Lamb, Harry Lee, Lawrence Leung, Robyn McGregor, Jonno Powell, Mark Pritchard, Pip Smith, Emma Stott-Thornton, James Tresise, John Sietsma, Sam Streeter, Kevin Turner, Scott Vandevalk, Leena Van Deventer

This is a Door photo and video by Robert Reid
Photos by Sarah Walker