Thanks to all our lovely audience who came along to the first Pop Up Playground public game at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last Thursday! Our guest players were:

The audience dubbed their town “Arsington-on-Brown” and, the Brown referring to the local lake, famous for the rat boy who lived there. The town council was soon interrupted by an investigator and the tax collector revealed as a murderous werewolf! But when the tax collector was also murdered, the hunt was on for the other two secret killers.

One by one the councillors were voted out or murdered in their sleep. Suspiciously calm blacksmith Paul was first to be lynched, and friendly farmer Morven first to be gutted by foul wolves; eventually progressive art teacher Van also died at the claws of the murderers, and of the final two, it was bizarre town doctor Richard who the village trusted most. But it seems they were without recourse – both Richard and the innuendo-fuelled carpenter were in it together, and the werewolves emerged triumphant!

For one villager’s account, see our lovely review at The Pun and come along this week, when our guests will include Brenna Courtney Glazebrook, Jack Druce, Sarah Jones and Richard McKenzie!