AN EAGLEMONT performer will ask audience members to become part of the show during a unique three-day carnival this weekend.

Robert Reid, who has joined forces with fellow Eaglemont resident Sayraphim Lothian, will run This is a Door at St Kilda’s Theatre Works from Friday to Sunday.

The 35-year-old said the concept swapped actors and scripts for social games and play, using them to engage people within a group.

“The audience will actually be part of the playing of the game, learning how to best deal with a social situation,” Reid said.

He said audience members would take part in the show, which at times asked participants to handle deceit and lies.

“Social, reactive and immersive, the games will range from co-operative to competitive, physical to strategic and conversational to secretive,” he said.

Reid said the concept had already been performed in the US and Europe.