stc_pozibleThe rumours are true
Pop Up Playground are taking over a two story building to turn it into a brand new real work simulation game
It’s called Small Time Criminals – the master thief experience
but we need your help
We’ve launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign HERE: to raise funds to buy materials and technology to to build the props, dress the set, install the trip wires and alarms to make Small Time Criminals the most challenging, detailed and in depth immersive experience possible.
Small Time Criminals is a completely simulated live environment for you to explore in which you break into safes, hack computers and avoid the guard to steal as much as you can before the alarm comes back on line.
We’ve secured the lease on the building with the help of Darebin Active Spaces program and we’ve assembled the finest team of writers, set, prop, costume, game and puzzle designers we’ve ever worked with for a single project.
So now its up to you.
The more support you can offer, the more rewarding the experience will be.
And speaking of rewarding, if you support us on Pozible, you get to choose from a range of terrific rewards.  Everything from early bird tickets to an hour long alternate reality experience for you and your friends.
More details and all the good stuff here: