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A story telling game for all ages in which players help trapped echoes of the library deliver lost messages between each other across the decades.

Focal Point is a story telling game by Pop Up Playground. It was first played as part of the State Library of Victoria’s Dome Centenary Celebrations, the Carnival of Curiosity.


Focal Point
Devised, written and designed by Ben McKenzie and Robert Reid

Performed by Madeline Anderson, Jack Beeby, Kaitlyn Clare, Sharna Cousland, Petra Elliot, Sayraphim Lothian, Ben McKenzie, James O’Donoghue, Alex de la Rambelje, Robert Reid, Kevin Turner and Cat Yates

Playtested by Madeline Anderson, Jack Beeby, Sharna Cousland, Dave Lamb, Ben McKenzie, Robert Reid, Sam Streeter, Kevin Turner, Nic Velissaris, Jaklene Vukasinovic and Izabella Wielga

Photos by Sayraphim Lothian and Sarah Walker

Trailer filmed and edited by Elliot Summers