The old king is deathly ill, with perhaps five days left to live. A successor has not been announced though rumours abound of a bastard prince sired by the king in a youthful indiscretion, hidden amongst the commoners. A power vacuum created by the death of the king without an heir might also be just the opportunity the revolutionaries need to seize power. But a pretender to the throne is moving among the people, trying to claim the crown, which has drawn the real prince out of hiding. The trouble is no one but the king knows who’s is the rightful claim, and the beloved old man is not expected to regain consciousness before the end and his last decree was that the commoners should make the decision who they want to lead them.

Halls of Westminster was first played at This is a Door, 2012

Halls of Westminster
Devised by Robert Reid

Written and designed by Robert Reid

Playtested by Jack Beeby, Sharna Cousland, Peter Gianopolous, Dan Goronszy, Tegan Harrod, Trista Harvey, Jess Kilby, Dave Lamb, Nigel Langley, Amanda Law, Harry Lee, Jason Lehane, Sayraphim Lothian, Robyn McGregor, Ben McKenzie, Jonathon Powell, Robert Reid, Sam Streeter, Jess Stanley, Kevin Turner, Yvonne Versik and Sarah Walker

Photos by Sayraphim Lothian, Robert Reid and Sarah Walker