The high seas are a treacherous place, filled with dread pirates stealing from gold laden Spanish galleons. Fortunately for you, you’re one of the pirate captains, in charge of your own tall ship. Raid the galleons and the other pirates and bury your treasure on your secret pirate island.

Bury Yer Treasure was first played at Fresh Air Festival, 2013

Bury Yer Treasure

Written and designed by Ben McKenzie and Robert Reid

Playtested by Jack Beeby, Jaye Erin Cook, Scott Gooding, Piper Huynh, Jess Kilby, Dave Lamb, Adele Lin, Marlena Martins, Ben McKenzie, James O’Donoghue, Robert Reid, Sam Streeter, Chad Toprak, Kevin Turner, Sean Vivian and Phoebe Waltham,

Photos by Sayraphim Lothian and Sam Streeter