It’s the most important PowerPoint presentation you’ll ever give and in the middle of it the projector starts showing random images of crazy stuff. But you don’t want to look unprofessional in front of the boys from head office so you and you’re partner have to use the slides as they appear in order to pitch a product or project. You’ll have to make up a pitch that fits the slides and work with your partner but the bosses are impatient and the team from the other office is pitching today too.

We Are Having Technical Difficulties was first played at This is a Door, 2012

We Are Having Technical Difficulties
Devised by Robert Reid

Written and designed by Ben McKenzie and Robert Reid

Playtested by Madeline Anderson, Andrew Brophy, Paul Callaghan, Emilie Collyer, Dan Donahoo, Sam Dowdeswell, Peter Gianopolous, Trista Harvey, Nigel Langley, Amanda Law, Sayraphim Lothian, Ben McKenzie, Jonathon Powell, Bronwyn Pringle, Robert Reid, John Sietsma and Kevin Turner

Photos by Sayraphim Lothian, Robert Reid and Sarah Walker