You are a guest at the wedding of Mark and Amanda, an estranged member of one of a number of families related to the bride or groom. Each of you has issues with one of the families, and you don’t want to sit next to…those people. Your group has been asked to give the thank you speech when the bride and groom arrive, so you need to find a way to co-exist peacefully…at least long enough for the speech to conclude.

You’re Making A Scene was first played at This is a Door, 2012

You’re Making A Scene
Devised by Robert Reid

Written and designed by Harry Lee, Ben McKenzie and Robert Reid

Playtested by Sharna Cousland, Peter Gianopolous, Dan Goronszy, Tegan Harrod, Trista Harvey, Jess Kilby, Dave Lamb, Nigel Langley, Amanda Law, Harry Lee, Sayraphim Lothian, Robyn McGregor, Ben McKenzie, Jonathon Powell, Robert Reid, Sam Streeter and Jess Stanley

Photos by Sarah Walker, Rob Young and Robert Reid