lilMonstersThe monsters may be little but they have big dreams of adventure – and only a short break in which to live them! Each team of big monsters must interpret a little monster’s desire and document their adventure with a photograph before bringing them home and collecting another monster with a new adventure in mind. The monsters with the most successful adventures win – but it’s possible the team with the best day out will also gain an edge! A game of cute, furry adventure for teams of two or three.

Little Monsters’ Big Day Out was first played at our international outdoor games festival, Fresh Air, in 2014. It has been reprised many times at events for various organisations including councils, festivals and as part of our Playing with Federation Square program for high schools.


Little Monsters’ Big Day Out

Designed and written by Sayraphim Lothian, Grant Howitt of Serious Business and Ben McKenzie
Monsters and tails by Jellibat
Photos by Sayraphim Lothian, Alexandra Summers and various players