Pop Up Playground at the Melbourne International Comedy FestivalA secret killer has infiltrated the inner circle of your society: a werewolf on the village council, an evil traitor among the mightiest heroes, a shape shifting alien replacing a top agent… It might even be the leader of your faction. Will you find them out? Or will they get you first? We present new twist on the classic Werewolf, which you’ll play alongside some of your favourite comedians. The game is based on accusation and argument; playing in groups including our guests stars, you’ll seek out the killers and traitors and condemn them to gruesome death. Of course, your own leader might be one of the traitors – in which case, you’d better hope they’re a terrible liar, or you’ll be helping them destroy your community from within…

Mass Werewolf was played at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 2012

Mass Werewolf
Devised by Paul Callaghan, Ben McKenzie, Sayraphim Lothian, Robert Reid

Written and designed by Ben McKenzie

Played at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Van Badham, Candy Bowers, Paul Callaghan, Jack Druce, Brenna Courtney Glazebrook, Lisa-Skye Goodes, Toby Halligan, Sean Fabri, Nicholas J Johnson, Sarah Jones, Dave Lamb, Sayraphim Lothian, Ben McKenzie, Richard McKenzie, Robert Reid, and Morven Smith

Playtested by Paul Callaghan, Beatrix Coles, Angelica East, Sean Fabri, Trista Harvey, Matt Lacey, Harry Lee, Lawrence Leung, Ben McKenzie, Ian Moss, Robert Reid, Kevin Turner, Scott Vandervalk and David Witteveen

Photos by Sayraphim Lothian and Robert Reid

Video trailer by Robert Reid