A brand new immersive street adventure about the future of humanity
Starting January 23 and running until March 26

If you value your humanity, you will join us.

What if a chemical weapon was secretly tested on a major city?
What if artificial intelligence could spread like a virus?
What if human life was slowly being replaced from within?

In early 2016, an artificial intelligence was accidentally unleashed onto the Internet – and into the physical world, via highly advanced nanotechnology that can affect human minds. Later that year, two scientists working for the company that created it stole the prototype to destroy it. But now it seems the company has been secretly testing this weapon on the general public.

Factions within factions, conflicting stories, who can you trust? Find the codes, complete the missions, and WORK TOGETHER…

Played in two month-long acts on the streets of Melbourne, Outside: The Cloud takes place online and in the physical world. A real-life choose-your-own-adventure, each week players will receive part of the story along with new missions and puzzles which they must complete to find passcodes concealed in the real world, which unlock videos and documents that further the story. At the end of each week, players will make a collective decision online that will influence the direction of the story; each registered player will receive a single “vote”. There will also be two live events – one in  where players will have a chance to interact with characters from the game in person!

Play at your own pace, completing missions daily or saving them up for the weekends. You can also join the game in progress at any time, so don’t worry if you miss the start date!

Dates: 23 January – 26 March, 2017
Cost: $50 Two Month Subscription, $30 Monthly Subscription
Location: Inner city Melbourne and the CBD
Register a game account and subscribe at: outsidethe.cloud
Outside: The Cloud is suitable for ages 13+

If you have questions, email us at: admin@outsidethe.cloud.

Outside: The Cloud is proudly supported by VicHealth.