Senior High is a vicious competition for popularity and the Senior Prom is the final pimply battle to social death. From the jocks to the nerds, the cheerleaders to the chess club, it all comes to a head at the Senior Prom. Reputations will be made and lost. Some will become living legends and others will be scarred for life. Will the teachers bust the burn-outs getting high in the stairwell? Does the weird loner chick have something bloody planned? Who will you end up with in the spot light dance? Twelve years of painful adolescence finally comes to a head at the Senior Prom. Lets not loose touch after graduation…

Senior Prom was first played at This is a Door, 2012

Senior Prom
Devised by Robert Reid

Written and designed by Paul Callaghan, Ben McKenzie, Robert Reid, Sayraphim Lothian, Tassos Stevens

Playtested by Madeline Anderson, Andrew Brophy, Paul Callaghan, Emilie Collyer, Sharna Cousland, Dan Donahoo, Sam Dowdeswell, Peter Gianopolous, Dan Goronszy, Trista Harvey, Tegan Harrod, Soncha Iacono, Jess Kilby, Nigel Langley, Amanda Law, Sayraphim Lothian, Robyn McGregor, Ben McKenzie, James O’Donoghue, Clare Petts, Jonathon Powell, Bronwyn Pringle, Mark Pritchard, Robert Reid, John Sietsma, Ilia Sietsma, Jess Stanley and Kevin Turner

Photos by Robert Reid, Sarah Walker and Rob Young