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Pozible Rewards: learning games

We run a lot of live games at Pop Up Playground, but actually we love all kinds of games: board games, videogames, card games, parlour games…you name it, we play it! Within the team we have a pretty great collection of different games, because just as with other artforms it’s important to experience the work of others as well as to make your own.

CalledYouHereBut we don’t often get a lot of time to play those games – which is partly why we’ve created the Learn to Play reward! For $50 you not only get the PDF book of games and a copy of our first StickerGame, but also an invitation to a fun, relaxed three-hour session of games with the Pop Up Players. We’ll bring a bunch of games of all kinds and teach you to play them! This is a friendly event for everyone, regardless of your level of experience with board games, and we’ll be bringing games of varying lengths, complexities and themes – as well as teaching you a few of our own!

But perhaps you already play a lot of games, and you’re keen to take the next step and make your own games? Well, we’ve got you covered there too, with the $100 Games Design Workshop reward! Ben will run you through the basics of game design with a three hour workshop whose basic principles will work across most kinds of games. The workshop draws on Ben’s three years of experience designing for Pop Up Playground and independently, and will cover player experience, mechanics, playtesting and more. Plus you also get the book of games, the StickerGame, and there will be cake!

By selecting one of these rewards you’ll not only learn to play or make games, you’ll be supporting the Fresh Air festival for 2015, enabling it to grow and to support the people who make it. You can find out more at our campaign page on Pozible.

Pozible Rewards: Workplace Games Workshop

Most of the games we run at Pop Up Playground are for the public: they’re fun, they’re silly, they’re designed to reconnect you with the playful side of yourself you were told to put away when you were no longer a child. But you can also play some of our games at work!

Games can combine an exercise in imagination with the interpersonal and analytical skills you use every day in the business world: teamwork, communication, problem solving, leadership, confidence, risk management. They won’t magically level you up overnight, but the systems used in games present a new context in which to exercise those skills – plus it’s a lot of fun!

Pudding Lane

Pudding Lane

Pop Up Playground has a variety of corporate workshops – and as a special corporate support level in our Pozible campaign, we’re offering the two-hour version at a discounted rate! Our game runners will come to your workplace, warm everyone up with a few smaller games, then put your team through their paces with games tailored to promote team building and business-applicable skills, all while having a good time your staff will be talking about for weeks! And as if that’s not enough, you’ll also be named as a corporate sponsor of the Fresh Air Festival for 2015.

While our corporate workshops are available all year round, this special discount rate of $1,500 for the two-hour version is only available as part of our Pozible campaign, so if you’ve thought about doing something different for your staff, get in now! We’ll negotiate a time with you to make it happen. And if you have any questions you want to ask, just get in touch.

School Holiday Workshops!!

holiday-games-1This school holidays, Pop Up Playground brings play to Brunswick, with a collection of their games tailored for kids and parents alike! Escape from zombies, chase the colours of the rainbow, make excuses to your Grandma and take little monsters on a big adventures! And try our constructive play area, where kids and parents can make fantastic creatures for the cabinet of Doctor Madaspantz…

Dates: 4th and the 11th of July
Times: 10am-12pm (8 – 11 year olds) and 2pm-4pm (12 – 16 year olds).
Cost: $15 per child (parents attend for free!)
Venue: Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre, 270 Sydney Rd Brunswick
Morning Session:
Afternoon Session:

Presented by Pop Up Playground and Metanoia Theatre.


Workshop at UNSW

On the weekend, Pop Up Playground went off on adventure, beginning in the dark and cold and rain of a Melbourne morning and flying bedraggled and bleary eyed to Sydney.

The good people at University of New South Wales invited us to run a workshop with some of their games design students and interested members of the public.

We ran some warm up games, then got into a massive double game of Werewolf where the accused could run from the lynch mob and join the other town. We also ran a brand new Constructive Play work called Table Town. Then we took a break for lunch and then came back to have a quick chat about what it is Pop Up Playground does and why we do it. We finished off with two games of Pudding Lane (its been a while since we’ve run it, which prompts me to think we need to do semi regular training sessions so we remember the rules) and then showed the documentary we made at IGfest and the weekender.

We would have liked to have a bit more time for reflection and a chance to throw around ideas, but time has a way of getting away from us when we’re having fun.

It was great playing with all those guys and to meet some of the playful people in Sydney. It was also totally awesome to welcome Grant and Mary from Serious Business to Sydney, having just gotten off the plane from the UK that morning.

We’ll be back up soon, we’ll keep you guys in Sydney posted.

Freeplay 2012

Yesterday, Rob and Sayraphim ran a Games and Theatre workshop at Freeplay 2012. In it, we looked at where games and theatre collide. We looked at pervasive and social games, some of our main interests, and playful engagements. We took along one of our favourite playful engagements to do while we chatted, The Cabinet of Dr Madazpants. Read More

Four workshops for This Is A Door

We’ve just finished a month of Saturday workshops trying out some of the games we’ve created for This Is A Door. We had a blast and the feedback we got from the playtesters was invaluable for developing the games. Click through to have a look at the photos of some of the games we played… Read More