League_webNuked up tin-pot dictators, egomaniacal madman and intergalactic super villains are all just a day’s work for The League of Extraordinary Nations.

Protecting the earth from evil through reasoned debate, careful planning, bureaucracy and consensus since 1976.

Players are ambassadors to the League of Extraordinary Nations and must outwit the Super Villain du jour to foil their nefarious plans for world domination.

The League of Extraordinary Nations is a large-scale conversation game of suspense, cliché and hilarity.

Will you work together to achieve world peace (like the real UN) or will suspicion turn you against each other out in the hour of earth’s greatest need.


The League of Extraordinary Nations
Devised by Ben McKenzie, James O’Donoghue, Robert Reid and Kevin Turner
Developed from a game created by Monash University BPA second years (2012) Exit Mundi project: Kevin Turner, James O’Donoghue, James Jackson, James Barclay, Sean Vivian, Katherine Yates, Kirsten Lewis, Elise Naismith and Deirdre Kennedy
Playtested by Nic Velissaris, Emilie Collyer, Kevin Turner, Ben McKenzie, Robert Reid, Dan Machua, Sam Streeter, Madeline Anderson, Izabella Wielga, Sharna Cousland, Yvette Absalom, Paul Warren and Jaklene Vukasinovic
Performed by Kevin Turner, Robert Reid, Ben McKenzie and Dave Lamb
Photos by Robert Reid and Sayraphim Lothian