In the alleys and the echoing dark, in the halls and forgotten corridors, in the haunted places of the city you will find The Whispering Society. Searchers into the paranormal, The Whispering Society listens for the memories of places, gathering to hear the stories of the long forgotten. But lately the spirits have grown agitated, their whispering more urgent, more insistent and much louder. The noise has drawn all the members of the Whispering Society out onto the streets to calm the restless dead but they’re fighting a losing battle. They need your help. Can you hear the whispering?

A immersive story telling game played on the streets of Melbourne.

The Whispering Society debuted at White Night Melbourne, February 23, 2013

Our writer in residence, Emilie Collyer, has written the next chapter in The Whispering Society called Tipping Point. You can read that here.

One of the many beautiful and touching stories told to us over the night influenced a character in our 2013 game The Focal Point. You can read the account here.

The Whispering Society
Devised by Ben McKenzie, Sayraphim Lothian and Robert Reid
Written and designed by Ben McKenzie and Robert Reid

Performed by Madeline Anderson, Jack Beeby, Jason Cavanagh, Sam Dowdeswell and Dave Lamb.
The Whispering Society photo by Sayraphim Lothian
Photos by Robert Reid and Sayraphim Lothian

Many thanks go to the amazing staff and volunteers in The Queens Hall, State Library of Victoria for all their help on the night and to Gywn Morfey of Fire Hazard Games for stepping in as emergency game runner to help out when we were overwhelmed by numbers of players.