We all know how Julius Caesar meets his end in Shakespeare’s play…but this isn’t a play.

Experienced on the streets of Melbourne, #TrueRomansAll puts you into the midst of the political intrigue and violent revolution of Caesar’s Rome. Agents of both Caesar and the conspirators are looking for support. The existing regime want to strike Caesar down, he wants to seize absolute power – and it’s all going down tonight. You choose which path to follow: will you be recruited to help bring down Caesar, or do you think he’s the the best hope for the future? How far are you willing to go to secure the future of Rome?

Vote with your feet and your actions; your choices will influence the story and the outcome of the impending civil war.

#TrueRomansAll is a co-production between Bell Shakespeare’s Minds Eye and Pop Up Playground.

#TrueRomansAll was first played in Melbourne, 2014

The #TrueRomansAll video was filmed by Robert Reid and Sayraphim Lothian. The news footage was filmed by Stu Mannion.