Wikisneaks_web2We love information. We love to set it free! Often that’s as easy as copy and paste, but sometimes – for the important stuff – it requires subterfuge. A little cloak and dagger. A bit of…sneaking.

We can all do that in the virtual world – that’s why you’re here – but can you do it in person? In public? Where strangers might see you, where you must work with – and against! – your peers, all the while exposed to public view in the real world?

Time to find out!

Wikisneaks is a team-based game of encrypted communication. Each team must assign roles to its members – sender, receiver or intercepter – and devise a way to transmit short numerical codes from one node to another in a physical representation of a network. How well each team succeeds will determine how much information they will have to solve the puzzle at the end of the game.

It’s a race against time and against the other teams. Will you use a simple cipher, to speed up transmission? Or will you concoct something more devious, to make sure you get to keep your points? And regardless of the points, will your team take the ultimate prize by deciphering the final puzzle?

Wikisneaks debuted at Freeplay Independent Games Festival in 2013. You can read player Alois Wittwer’s thoughts here.


Devised and designed by Ben McKenzie and Jess Kilby
Performed by Ben McKenzie, Jess Kilby, Sean Fabri, Sean Vivian, Sharna Cousland and James O’Donoghue
Photos by Sayraphim Lothian