Pop Up Playground

31 March 2012
Violence! Voting! Vaginas! Tax collectors! All that – and some peculiar hats as well.

If you like your comedy on the interactive side, if you like the idea of comedians talking with you instead of merely at you, then Pop Up Playground is here for you. Take a walk up the stairs of the John Curtin Hotel and find yourself plunged into murder, mystery and the obviously difficult democratic process.

Pop Up Playground is a team of comics brave enough to let the audience decide the fate of characters and the course of the narrative. Emceed by the always erudite and quick-witted Ben McKenzie, the format appears to be only loosely scripted, allowing plenty of ad lib opportunity for performers and open conferring with audience members throughout the show.

On opening night, the mystery element involved the identity of a werewolf (or werewolves) among the eccentric village council of the winsomely named Arsington-on-Brown. Accusations and recriminations abound as the body count racks up and up. Is the audience, with our supreme powers of yay and nay, making the right decisions? Are we unwittingly allowing killers to walk free because they just made us laugh?

Part whodunit, part role playing game, part theatre sport, Pop Up Playground certainly promises to never be the same show twice. Its hour-long duration romps by too quickly and its likable cast are all clearly enjoying themselves. With audience authority having such an integral role, be sure to bring your willingness to play and a good time should be had by all.

Quite possibly the only show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year where you will have the power to hang cast members.

Review from here: http://www.anewleaf.com.au/2012/03/31/pop-up-playground/