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Fresh Air Festival: BEST FUN EVER! (Sometime Melbourne review)

Fresh Air Festival
Pop Up Players, Federation Square
8 February 2013
The Edge, Federation Square
to 10 February
Saturday and Sunday: 1.00–4.00 and 6.00–9.00
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All weekend, the totally wonderful and gorgeous Pop Up Players (who created This is a Door) invite everyone to play at the Fresh Air Festival: the International Festival of street games and constructive play.

It started tonight and runs through to Sunday. And it’s all FREE.Read More

Opening the door to an old, fun filled favourite (The Age review)

This is a Door

Reviewed by Cameron Woodhead

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pop Up Playground
Theatreworks, season ended

AROUND the turn of the millennium, computer games killed a thriving scene of face-to-face social gaming. We used to have conventions that hosted everything from live role-playing to elaborate strategy; much of that has now migrated online.

Fashion is cyclical, though, and the international games carnival This is a Door at Theatreworks this past weekend was an opportunity for nostalgia as well as an innovative look at new possibilities for interactive play. It wasn’t theatre. It wasn’t even art. But it was spirited, anarchic fun.Read More

Review: This is a Door (player Hespa review)

Review: This is a Door

So, I did make it to the previously described This is a Door, and it was awesome fun. Pop Up Playground came up with a really interesting and varied set of games, some easier than others to pick up quickly, but all well suited to engaging a bunch of people with each other and with the task. The set-up felt like a really well-organised version of a games day with friends: there were always two or three games going at once, but with short single-person or two-player activities set up to the side, to entertain people who had gone out in whatever game they were playing – or just didn’t like the current options – and were waiting for another big game to open up.Read More

This is a Door | Pop Up Playground (Australian Stage review)

This is a Door | Pop Up Playground

Written by Nick Spunde
Sunday, 29 July 2012 12:20

For the next two weeks, when someone mentions the word “games”, you know they’ll be talking about all the faster, higher, stronger stuff going on in London. The games that have been happening at Theatreworks this weekend however have been an altogether different affair. For starters, the audience have got to play too.

This Is A Door is the work of Pop Up Playground, a collaboration between comedian Ben McKenzie (Dungeon Crawl), fringe theatre maker Robert Reid (Theatre in Decay) and artist Sayraphim Lothian. It takes its inspiration from the New Games Movement, a 70s counter-culturalist drive to involve people in entertainment that was active and participatory, rather than placing them in the passive role of spectators.Read More

Pop Up Playground – This is a Door (Milk Bar Mag review)

Pop Up Playground – This is a Door

Posted by Taryn Hunter

When was the last time you played freely, without limits, like a carefree youngster? For me it had been years, so the chance to tap into that inner child for a couple of hours was too good to refuse.

My physical therapy could be found within the doors of St Kilda’s Theatre Works playhouse, guided by the skilled hands of the team from Pop Up Playground.Read More

Must for THIS weekend (Sometime Melbourne review)

This is a Door
Pop up Playground, Theatre Works
27 July 2012
Theatre Works
to 29 July

There are rumours that Cameron Woodhead and I tried to exchange a pash last night.

I’m not confirming or denying anything because what happens at Play Club, stays at Play Club.

But I know that it was the most fun I’ve had in a theatre and I want to go back and do it all again.Read More

Pop Up Playground (The Pun review)

Pop Up Playground

31 March 2012
Violence! Voting! Vaginas! Tax collectors! All that – and some peculiar hats as well.

If you like your comedy on the interactive side, if you like the idea of comedians talking with you instead of merely at you, then Pop Up Playground is here for you. Take a walk up the stairs of the John Curtin Hotel and find yourself plunged into murder, mystery and the obviously difficult democratic process.

Pop Up Playground is a team of comics brave enough to let the audience decide the fate of characters and the course of the narrative. Emceed by the always erudite and quick-witted Ben McKenzie, the format appears to be only loosely scripted, allowing plenty of ad lib opportunity for performers and open conferring with audience members throughout the show.Read More