Pop Up Playground

by Bernie DeKoven on July 17, 2012

Everything we know about Lemon Jousting was provided by Sayraphim Lothian and Robert Reid. Sayraphim and Robert are with an organization, in Australia, called Pop Up Playground, the most recent recipients of the coveted Defender of the Playful award.

They explain:

“We’re a group of people who come from very diverse backgrounds including theatre makers, academics, artists, comedians, game designers, students and dancers who have come together in a loose collective to explore and investigate the artistic potential of games and play. Atthe moment we’re just trying to introduce this emerging artform to australia, but ultimatly, we’re interested in the portential of games as a form of cultural expression. We want to use game systems and playful environments to make meaningful experiences for then participants. The creation of meaning is the root we share with art, the communication of meaning, emotion, or to provoke thought. We want to be making games that tell stories, that give the participants the opportunity to think about things in a new way, to look again at the world.”

They will soon be producing an event called This is a Door – “a three night carnival of pervasive and social games presented by Pop Up Playground running on the 27, 28 and 29 of July.”

This is a Door will showcase a varied selection of games and experiences each night. A full program will be released shortly.

Social and Pervasive games are forms of contemporary play that put you in the middle of the action. Your decisions and your reactions drive the experience. Some of our games are cooperative, some are competitive. Some are easy and some are hard. Some are physical, some are strategic, some are conversational and some are secretive.

This is a Door caters for all ages and experience levels.

We’d love you to come play.

To exemplify, they’ve graced our page with an image of Radiation Wars, one of the less dramatic games scheduled for the This is a Door event.

Pop Up Playground’s Radiation Wars game

Interview link: http://www.deepfun.com/fun/2012/07/pop-up-playground/