This Is A Door – Game On!

July 17, 2012 by Jack in Latest News, Things To Do with 0 Comments

For three days and nights This Is A Door will take over St Kilda’s Theatre Works, transforming the performance space into a “public playground” – a carnival of interactive, large scale games to encourage the playfulness, creativity and curiosity that come to us so naturally when we’re young, but that we tend to lose as we get older.

Resting on the boundary of theatre and art exhibition, the Pop Up Playground Collective, who are presenting This Is A Door, are swapping actors and scripts for human Game Controllers, pushing pervasive gaming and playful engagement. As Robert Reid of Pop Up Playground says: “Theatre Works has a history of taking theatre out of the theatre and into the world”. The games of This Is A Door are described as “Social, reactive, and immersive”, and will range from competitive to cooperative, physical to strategic and conversational to secretive. If the very competitive nature of the Vulture‘s nestmates is anything to go by, the results of these games will no doubt determine who does the dishes for the next month.

If this all sounds very mysterious, well, it is. To find out exaclty what goes on, you’ll have to get along to Theatreworks from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th July and take on the Vulture. Game on!

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