Everyone already knows how to play games. At This is a Door we’ll be playing a lot of new  games; some we’ve made up, some that have been made up by our friends in England, America and Europe. One of us will explain the rules and we’ve got all kinds of props to make the games more interesting.
The following helpful guide should give you an idea of the games on offer.

You’re Making a Scene
At the wedding of Mark and Amanda the families can barely keep their dislike of each other in check. Trade places on the seating plan and don’t end up sitting next to some one from a family you’re feuding with.

Race to the Sky
In 1896 two of the local aristocrats climbed into their air balloons in an ill-conceived wager that each would go higher than the other. Be the one to send your balloon highest without losing your clothes peg aeronaut.

Pudding Lane
A great fire breaks out in the city of London. Work together with other players to place water tokens on a giant map to put out the spreading fires. How much of the city must you let burn in order to save the rest?

How to Save a Life
An office worker walks towards the ledge of a city building. You need to figure out why and convince them not to jump before they reach the ledge.

This is a Door
Before you stands a door, it leads to many destinations but once you step through you can’t go back. Avoid the inter-dimensional detectives and find the key to get back home.

The Prom
Physical, Tactical, Conversational
It’s the biggest night on the high school calendar. Trade make-out promises on the dance floor and dob in your fellow students and suck up to the teachers as you try to get elected Prom king or queen or pull the biggest prank ever.

We are Having Technical Difficulties
It’s the most important PowerPoint presentation you’ll ever give and in the middle of it the projector starts showing random images of crazy stuff. Incorporate each slide into your sales pitch as it comes up. Use as many slides as you can in a minute.

Halls of Westminster
Performative, Tactical
The old king is dying leaving the kingdom no heir. Two pretenders to the throne are claiming a right to the crown. Discuss, debate and interrogate each to elect the true prince or join the growing revolution and overthrow the monarchy.

Welcome to the Family
Tactical, Conversational
A mysterious cult is gaining influence, will you be their next convert? Attempt to guide conversation towards a secret word, once your target has said the word they join you in spreading the word.

Love from Grandma
Performative, Conversational
Grandma is very sweet but she sucks at giving presents. Come up with excuses as to why you can’t take the gift she’s given you, and then pass it on to someone else in the family. Last one with the present wins a prize (and stays in the will).

Pop Up Playground School of Dance
Most dance competitions penalize you for stepping on your partners feet, at Pop Up Playground we think that’s the best part.

Radiation Wars (From Fire Hazard Games, UK)
There has been a spill in the Nuclear substation and power rods are everywhere. Get all the glowing rods from your side across the line into the other teams area. Absolute, glorious, technicolor chaos.

Fingerstache (From Obscure Games, USA)
Tactical, Conversational
Battle other players to grow your fingerstache, but watch out for the Snake Oil Salesman and the Rogue Barber!

Political Chairs (From Shade of Play, Aus)
Tactical, Physical
Get to your chair before the music stops and then bargain with the others players about who’s chair you’ll remove in the next round if they elect you right now.

Johan Sebastian Joust (From Die Gute Fabrik, DK)
Using Playstation Move Controllers, players battle to be the last one in the game. Move your controller gracefully to the music while trying to force every other player into moving violently.

Earpiece (From Coney, UK)
Performative, Conversational, Physical
A recorded voice gives you and two other players mysterious instructions. Carry them out under the gaze of a game runner and you may never know why you won or lost…

Werewolf (Traditional)
Tactical, Conversational
Two players are secretly werewolves and every turn choose one other player to kill. The other players must attempt through a series of interrogations and accusations to discover and lynch the werewolves before everyone one is killed.

Playful Engagement
(Creative activities to do when you need a break from playing games)
Midnight in the City – Make and add artful graffiti to the cardboard City.
The Cabinet of Dr. Madazpants – Create scientific abominations for the good doctor’s display cabinet.
Take a moment, Leave a Moment – Some one has made a little artwork just for you to take, make one to leave for someone else,
The Feedback cloud – Place post it notes around the names of the games you want to tell us something about.
Art Vend – an art vending machine from Nick Ilton.