Play with the Valkyries

 This is a Door – All Day Play Room

Pop Up Playground
29 November to 1 December
Theatre Works

Valk horsePop Up Playground are bloody wonderful.

Robert Reid, Sayraphim Lothian, Ben McKenzie and their gorgeous game makers realised that we weren’t having as much fun as we should be and have been popping up all over the city with games for everyone.

A Pop Up Playground event is guaranteed to have you feeling happier than when you arrived.

And you get to play!

The second This is a Door is on at Theatre Works this weekend. Here’s what we got up to last year.
And this was the Fresh Air Festival in February.

What I already love more than I can say about this year’s Door (#tiad13) is this:Valk sewing machine

Being deep in the Ring Cycle, when I saw that Sayraphim had made her sewing machine into a Valkyrie, I said how much I’d love to play the Valkyrie game.
Sadly, the game didn’t exist.
Until, I saw this on Twitter:
Valk tweet 1

Then these:
valk tweet 2valk tweet 3The Valkyrie Game is real and I’m going to be playing it on Friday night.
VAlk Ben

26 November 2013

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