#TrueRomansAll Pop Up Playground and Bell Shakespeare’s Mind’s Eye announce the creative development of #TrueRomansAll

#TrueRomansAll is a reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar in which the audience are ‘players’ with the influence to change the outcome of the story. Initially divided into two teams, they must decide at each juncture how fully they want to commit to the decisions that are being laid before them.

The players start together at a pre-appointed location, piecing together clues and information as they go. Information can be gleaned from other players, roving ‘journalists’, surrounding media or social networks (come armed with phones!). Players will meet in City Square, progressing through the city to finish around Treasury Gardens. Each team will be accompanied by a stage manager, and decisions are managed through a central ‘control centre’.

This is an outdoor theatre experience. Please wear shoes suitable for walking and dress for the weather. Players are asked to bring smartphones and be prepared to engage with the performance on Twitter and YouTube.These performances form the development season of this new work. Following the performance, your feedback would be appreciated.

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