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Pozible Rewards: Wanna Play a Game?

We love to run our games for people, but outside of festivals it can be hard to organise a time and find people to play them! Likewise, people love to play our games, but the opportunities to play them aren’t as frequent as we’d like. And that’s where the $250 “Wanna Play a Game?” reward in our Pozible campaign comes in!


Members of the public playing Gong! at Fresh Air 2014.

We’ll come to you and run one of our stand-alone games (plus a few little ones to get you warmed up) for as many as 20 players, over the course of about an hour! This would be a great addition to a birthday, wedding or other celebration, or even just a great diversion for a bunch of friends for an afternoon. Here are some of the games you can choose:

The Ride – an epic battle between two Viking villages; can you achieve sufficient glory to be taken to Valhalla?

Gong! – a street sport where you get to change the rules!

Bury Your Treasure – thievery and combat on the high seas – can you steal and hoard the most booty?

Ben’s Big Board Game – roll the dice or test your skill to move

Pudding Lane – London is burning! Can you work together to put out the fires before all is lost?

Wikisneaks – devise a secret code and transmit information without getting caught in this game about unlocking secrets!

Spy Catcher – the Agency has been infiltrated at the highest level! Only the junior spies can be trusted to interrogate the spy leaders and expose the double agents before it’s too late!

This is a special price for this kind of service just for this campaign, so if you want to add some Pop Up Playground magic to your next party or big event, get in before the campaign ends, and help spread the word so we hit our goal! All the details are can be found at



#TrueRomansAll Pop Up Playground and Bell Shakespeare’s Mind’s Eye announce the creative development of #TrueRomansAll

#TrueRomansAll is a reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar in which the audience are ‘players’ with the influence to change the outcome of the story. Initially divided into two teams, they must decide at each juncture how fully they want to commit to the decisions that are being laid before them.

The players start together at a pre-appointed location, piecing together clues and information as they go. Information can be gleaned from other players, roving ‘journalists’, surrounding media or social networks (come armed with phones!). Players will meet in City Square, progressing through the city to finish around Treasury Gardens. Each team will be accompanied by a stage manager, and decisions are managed through a central ‘control centre’.

This is an outdoor theatre experience. Please wear shoes suitable for walking and dress for the weather. Players are asked to bring smartphones and be prepared to engage with the performance on Twitter and YouTube.These performances form the development season of this new work. Following the performance, your feedback would be appreciated.

Interested in knowing more or playing the game? Sign up to the #TrueRomansAll mailing list to receive information, game tips and the pre-game play by clicking here:

New game – The League of Extraordinary Nations

League_smA New Game by Pop Up Playground

Nuked up tin-pot dictators, egomaniacal madman and intergalactic super villains are all just a day’s work for The League of Extraordinary Nations.

Protecting the earth from evil through reasoned debate, careful planning, bureaucracy and consensus since 1976.

Players are ambassadors to the League of Extraordinary Nations and must outwit the Super Villain du jour to foil their nefarious plans for world domination.

The League of Extraordinary Nations is a large-scale conversation game of suspense, cliché and hilarity.

Will you work together to achieve world peace (like the real UN) or will suspicion turn you against each other out in the hour of earth’s greatest need.


The Curse

In the shadows, behind the tents, a fortune telling machine beckons. “Cross my palm with silver” reads a cracked and painted banner. But these things are ne’er straightforward. Will it simply tell you your future? Or will there be some kind of trouble…

The Curse is a new game for The Village festival which will be played on Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of November, 2012, with two sessions each night at 8 and 10 PM. The game lasts up to an hour.

Search out the Pop Up Players’ Tent Boss and his team of showies, fortune tellers and clowns, and cross their palms with silver (or at least a $5 note) for a magical brush with fate you’ll never forget.

Image by Awesome Joolie, used with permission