city dash 2

Run for it!

Citydash, by Fire Hazard Games and presented in Melbourne by Pop Up Playground, is an hour-long team game in which players try to locate hidden codes while hiding from guards. Finding the codes scores points, but being spotted by a guard stops your team from being able to use some of the codes. The game rewards caution and stealth as well as speed and cleverness, and requires teamwork and strong leadership to win.

Each team plays with a smartphone logged into the Citydash web site, which provides them with clues about the location of the codes. The codes are printed on small stickers which are hidden in difficult to find places: under benches, on the backs of signs etc.

When the time is up, players are gathered back at the starting point and the winning teams are announced, with smaller prizes for teams with particular achievements like being caught most often, finding the most difficult codes and the like.

Saturday 19th SeptNorth Melbourne Town Hall 4:30pm and 7pm

Saturday 26th SeptBirrarung Marr, next to Federation Square in the CBD 4:30pm and 7pm

Saturday 3rd OctoberLibrary at The Dock, Docklands 4:30pm and 7pm

Tickets: $25

Bookings: Melbourne Fringe Website