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Sayraphim interviewed in Inpress

17 May, 2012
Cultural Cringe


There’s a certain level of responsibility resting on the shoulders of artist Sayraphim Lothian and her Pop Up Playground co-conspirators – writer Robert Reid and comic Ben McKenzie. You see if they get this wrong, it might be the end for a whole new art form before it even really gets off the ground here. No pressure folks. Lothian & Co have just wrapped up four weeks of workshopping their latest pervasive or social games in preparation for a three-day game festival, This Is A Door, at Theatreworks in July. The concept of pervasive gaming is still relatively new in Australia having only arrived when Tassos Stevens, a UK artist and director of Agency Of Coney, took a trip to Melbourne about a year ago. Read More

Pop Up Playground (Time Out interview)

Pop Up Playground

Thu 19 Apr ,

Pop Up Playground launch their first adventure in pervasive game playing with a massive game of the parlour classic, Werewolf

First published on 25 Feb 2012. Updated on 20 Apr 2012.

According to Robert Reid, it started almost a year ago, last April, when Tassos Stevens from UK-based company Coney quietly slipped into Melbourne for a week of workshops, described at the time by Stevens as “challenges towards how to be a playful secret agent”.

“He basically introduced us to the kind of work Coney does – a form of pervasive games,” explains Reid.Read More

Pop Up Playground (The Pun review)

Pop Up Playground

31 March 2012
Violence! Voting! Vaginas! Tax collectors! All that – and some peculiar hats as well.

If you like your comedy on the interactive side, if you like the idea of comedians talking with you instead of merely at you, then Pop Up Playground is here for you. Take a walk up the stairs of the John Curtin Hotel and find yourself plunged into murder, mystery and the obviously difficult democratic process.

Pop Up Playground is a team of comics brave enough to let the audience decide the fate of characters and the course of the narrative. Emceed by the always erudite and quick-witted Ben McKenzie, the format appears to be only loosely scripted, allowing plenty of ad lib opportunity for performers and open conferring with audience members throughout the show.Read More