We’ve taken up residency at the Bella Union in 2015!Modern-Parlour-games-logo

Each month on the third Thursday we’re bringing you the wildest, strangest and best new games in Melbourne today. This month, we present three new games, one each by David Harris, Jack Beeby and us!

Help Me by David Harris
Are you a good, kind, decent person? Do you like to help those who can’t help themselves? Do you believe that empathy and caring unites a community? Bring your initiative, communication skills and ability to work as a team to help me… Please. A participatory morality play.

RhinoPlasticine by Jack Beeby
Stepping it up a notch, those same “almost celebrities” exercise their creative skill sin this new game by Jack Beeby. As up-and-coming medical ‘professionals’ it’s their goal to finish top of the class and claim the title of Cosmetic Surgeon to the Animal Stars! Some audience participation encouraged.

We Are Having Technical Difficulties by Pop Up Playground
Watch “almost celebrities” play Pop Up Playground’s game of communication break down in the board room and play along yourself. Expect amusing misunderstandings and witty banter.

Tickets $15 at the door, or $13 (plus $2 booking fee) online here: http://www.bellaunion.com.au/ticketing/4426

Doors open at 6.30PM, show starts at 7!