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PAX panel cancelled

Pop Up Playground regrets to announce that is no longer attending PAX Australia and that the “No Controller, No Board” panel has been cancelled.

We’ve considered this carefully over the last couple of weeks, but with everything that’s happened in that time, there’s a general consensus among panel members that we are no longer comfortable participating in PAX Australia. Pop Up Playground has worked hard to make sure that the events we run and the culture of pervasive gaming we promote is inclusive and non-discriminatory.

While we have read the retractions and apologies regarding the controversial “Why So Serious?” panel and Mike Krahulik’s offensive Twitter comments about transgender people, we unfortunately feel that PAX Australia has not sufficiently distanced itself from the troubled history of Penny Arcade for us to feel comfortable appearing at this year’s event. It’s disappointing, as we love many things about PAX and would love to bring our new games tradition to the PAX audience.

Newsletter hot off the presses!

Dr Christ Dena checks the sight on her Tech Assault laser rifle

Dr Christ Dena checks the sight on her Tech Assault laser rifle

Straight from our hard drive to yours… sort of…

Anyway, our newsletter just went out! Including info about our PAX Australia panel, our upcoming game League of Extraordinary Nations and more!