may13_3aaaOn the 25th of May, we headed to Richmond with a faithful band of playtesters to try out some new games and relive some old favourites.

We started with a warm-up game of Wushu Party Popper, which is a whatever-you-have-to-hand modification of Turtle Wushu. We have also, in the past, played Wushu Dinosaur, which works better if you manage something solid and four-legged, like a stegosaurus rather than a more wobbly, two-legged type like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These are the types of things you learn when playing games…

Next up we had a new game to test out, The C Team, collaborative story telling game using scattered cards.

After that, we tested Office Wars, which is just like being in an office but you get to throw things at people and wiggle around on your belly.

Lastly we headed outside to test out Fire Hazard‘s (UK) new game design kit Run Screaming, from which we designed the game Rainbow Running.

We have two more playtests coming up – on the 22 June and 27 July, so if you want to come along, all the details are here.