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Final playtest for Fresh Air 14

playtestPeople! People! Come help us fine tune some of the new games we’ve designed for Fresh Air, 2014. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s the most important part of the game designing process.

We need you!

10-4, Saturday 22 of Feb, 2014

Come along at 10 and meet in the Atrium at Fed Square (usually we start at the big table in Beer Deluxe) and be the first to play(test) our newest, funnest games yet!

If you can make it all day or only for an hour or two, we’d love you to come help us make awesome situations! Email us to let us know you’re coming – rabbithole @

September Playtest

Today was our last playtest in this series and we had a blast! Before we even got onto testing the game we had prepared, we started by spontaneously inventing Bell Run using our pool noodles (nothing funner than a pool noodle!). We went on to modify Grandma’s Footsteps into Grandma’s Balls, then tried out a new game, The Heist… Lasers! in which players attempted to negotiate red wool lasers to steal the precious emerald and ruby smiley balls. After that, we had a snack break (it’s like recess only with more chocolate chip biscuits) then we tried out another new game for This Is A Door, called Haunted Hungry Yellow Circle. With it’s maze and ghosts and dots, it reminds us quite a lot of a computer game but we can’t quite work out which one. After that we tried out Gestaltstory, which made at least two of the player laugh until they actually cried and finished it up with another round of Impossible Book Club in which we discussed The Spindle That Never Pricked. Despite protests to the contrary, we’re still not going to be reading Mahatma Gandhi: Witch Hunter. Stay tuned for our next book!

Coming up – Loads of games and a festival too!

Ooo!!! So all the cats are out of the bags and we can now share with you what we have coming up from now til the end of the year!

PLAYTESTS (Sept)  We got some Playtests coming up for games for This Is A Door, come along to Richmond and help us try out some brand spankin’ new fun games. More details here.

WIKISNEAKS (Sept)Wikisneaks is a new game being presented for one night only as part of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in Sept. Check out all the info here.

GENERATIONS (Oct) Generations looks at the decisions you make today and how they can affect your family for generations to come, presented at the Owl and Pussycat in Richmond over three nights. Information and booking deets can be found here.

THIS IS A DOOR (Nov) Our annual indoor festival of games and play, This is a Door, is back in November! We have loads of games and playful events happening, info on the playday weekend can be found here and we’ll release more details soon.


Playtests for This Is A Door festival

New PlayTests for This Is A Door festival

Zombie Tag

Zombie Tag

We’re heading towards the second annual games festival This Is A Door (through November around St Kilda) and we have some brand spankin’ new games we need to try out, so we have two playtests coming up in the next few months:


Saturday 21st September
Saturday 28th September
10 am – 5pm

310-314 Church Street, Richmond

Come play!

email us at to let us know you’re coming

Also, we’ll gladly receive any gold coin donations to help us pay for the space hire.


Grandma's Ninjas

Grandma’s Ninjas

June Playtest

Invisible Labrynth

Invisible Labrynth

Yesterday we held a playtest in the beautiful hall in Richmond we’re starting to frequent. We started the day with Grandma’s Footsteps, which quickly morphed into Grandma’s Ninjas, in which all the people creeping up on Grandma have to be doing it ninja style.

Next up, continuing our warm up games, we played Zombie Tag, which is awesome for getting in touch with your inner zombie.

After that we launched into playtesting our new games. We started this by testing out Focal Point, which we’re doing for the State Library of Victoria on 7th July. Players have to pass messages between characters caught in temporal disturbances to help them move on. Read More

New Games playtest 1 update

may13_3aaaOn the 25th of May, we headed to Richmond with a faithful band of playtesters to try out some new games and relive some old favourites.

We started with a warm-up game of Wushu Party Popper, which is a whatever-you-have-to-hand modification of Turtle Wushu. We have also, in the past, played Wushu Dinosaur, which works better if you manage something solid and four-legged, like a stegosaurus rather than a more wobbly, two-legged type like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These are the types of things you learn when playing games…Read More

New PlayTests to build New Games

New PlayTests to build New Games.11

Come play the newest of the new games by Pop Up Playground.

27th July
10 am – 5pm

310-314 Church Street, Richmond

Come play and help us finish these games off

email us at to let us know you’re coming

Also, we’ll gladly receive any gold coin donations to help us pay for the space hire.


Playtest 4 for Fresh Air

Sunday the 20th was our last playtest for Fresh Air 2013 games. As a good warm up, we started off with a game of Turtle Wushu from Invisible Playground, but in our case it was Dinosaur Wushu owing to the fact we only have toy dinosaurs. We discovered that toy dinosaurs are way more unstable than toy turtles, at least that’s what we claim.

Next up was our brand new game Tourist Attractors, in which several tour guides take players around Fed Square and make up increasingly bizarre stories to attempt to capture and hold the tourist’s interest.

All through out the day Melbourne company No Show was trialing Outside Line, a tense single person experience which is like nothing else we have at Fresh Air.

Next we playtested The Host, where our players are trapped on a colony on Mars which has been infiltrated by one or more alien. Can they find enough evidence to figure out who it is?

And to round out the day we had another playtest of our slightly-reworked Bury Yer Treasure, where pirates pillage from each other and battle it out on the high seas for loot n’ sailors.

Remember, Fresh Air is on the 8, 9 and 10 of Feb at Federation Square in Melbourne. The whole event is free, so come down and play all of these games and more!

Playtest 3 for Fresh Air

We spent the weekend playtesting the last of the games for Fresh Air, we played so many we thought it was best to split the post into two. So Saturday we took loads of boxes and interesting props to Federation Square to try some games out.

First up was Holy Cow, Sacred Udder by Team Hat (UK) where teams of farm animals attempt to fill their udders with the most sacred liquid to avoid the slaughterhouse.

Next we played Gobstopper Job by Zombie LARP (UK), a great cops and robbers game for two teams of conniving thieves.

Then we trialled out Guardians of Hidden Universes by Universe Creation 101 (AUS) which is a single player experience which encourages you to look at the world in a different way, via a web-based phone app.

Last up before lunch we tested out Feed Your Family, one of our brand new games. Each team of three players need to work together using a giant bird puppet to pick up as many worms as possible and run them back to the nest. Confrontations are fought out with loud squarking and posturing.

During lunch we came up with another game to play through the Book Market that Federation Square hosts every weekend. It’s so new it doesn’t have a name yet, but it proved that quickly developed games can work just as well as those with months of work and prop development.

After lunch we played Movie of You, another of our brand spankin’ new games. Teams are let loose on Fed Square and have to make a 30 second trailer for an upcoming movie via their smart phones. One team even found a knight of old to star in their movie.

Last up we played Blind Trust, a game by a new Melbourne games company Killkenny games. Blindfolded teams have to make their way around the play space lead only by the sound of a leader’s voice. But does the person shouting you instructions have your best interests at heart?