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New Games: Play in the UK

Hey hey hey! We’ve just uploaded our documentary, New Games: Play in the UK. It’s got stacks of interviews and footage of games being played over in the UK… Check it out here

The Whispering Society for White Night Melbourne

Some exciting news, we’ve just been commissioned to develop a brand new game for White Night Melbourne next February!

In the alleys and the echoing dark, in the halls and forgotten corridors, in the haunted places of the city you will find The Whispering Society. Searchers into the paranormal, The Whispering Society listens for the memories of places, gathering to hear the stories of the long forgotten. But lately the spirits have grown agitated, their whispering more urgent, more insistent and much louder. You can click here for more details…

Between Fresh Air and The Whispering Society, February is shaping up to be a busy month! Stay tuned for more details…