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Fresh Air international games announcement 1!

Today we’re announcing one of the international games we’ll be playing at #FreshAir15 – the Soho Stag Hunt! Designed by Minkette, Alex Fleetwood, Holly Gramazio and Tassos Stevens, and first played as part of The Soho Project alternate reality game, it involves players hunting a mythical stag around a suburban landscape and attaching balloons to its antlers to score points. It’s very easy to startle the stag, though – players can only approach in very small groups, cannot use mobile phones (the stag can sense them) and must not make too much noise! In the video below, from the game’s second outing at Hide and Seek 2008 in London, a large group of players are flattering the stag while they attach their balloons to make sure he doesn’t run away…

Stag Hunt from nikkipugh on Vimeo.

The Soho Stag Hunt has been played in a number of cities in different versions, including a creepier version called Black Stag in Pittsburgh; we’re excited to work on a version that will suit the particular needs of Fresh Air!

You can help us bring more international games like this to Melbourne by supporting our Pozible campaign for Fresh Air in 2015; find out more at:

New Games: Play in the UK

Hey hey hey! We’ve just uploaded our documentary, New Games: Play in the UK. It’s got stacks of interviews and footage of games being played over in the UK… Check it out here

Fresh Air Schedule

Fresh Air offers you a range of awesome things to do.

  • There are big games going on all around Fed Square usually starting a new one every hour.
  • There are little games going on the stage of The Edge and you can go down and play them when ever you like.
  • In the foyer of the Edge we have set up a bunch of Constructive Play activities and you can use them to make whatever you like.
  • If you’ve got kids with you we’ve got kids games running down on River Terrace all afternoon.
  • There’s also a couple of ambient games which start at HQ but might take you all over Fed square, that you can do on your own or in groups and go at your own pace.

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